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Mom is happy and safe! Praise God!

I could tell You how God orchestrated the week we were able to put my Mom in assisted living it would blow you away. Michelle met us for lunch on Saturday of Easter weekend. It was a dire situation as my Mom was found wandering outside. With Michelle’s help, we were able to bring Mom the assisted living on Monday to play piano. We had all her furniture moved and she was in there 6 days after we started this process. Absolutely amazing! Michelle was great. She knew exactly what was best for Mom.

Mom is happy and safe! Praise God!


Sue Handy

My mom is doing so well!

My mom is doing so well. She’s adapted to her new environment better than any of us, including her, could have imagined. She’s socially active, eating well, and trying new things. My family is thrilled to see her thriving at her new community. Thank you for the referral and an explanations of the different levels of care available to seniors. We chose the right home for my mother, in part due to the information you supplied. We cannot thank you enough for your help.

-Donna Hayes

The Elder Protective Service department loves working with 2Sisters!

Elder Protective Services can often be a challenging job that at times requires working slowly and patiently with a client and other times where it is an extreme crisis and needs immediate attention.  Erin, Michelle and Allyson have shown expertise working in both extremes and everything in between.  Erin is a pleasure to work with!  She responds immediately to the client and family.  She will assess and accommodate their needs and their time frames.  If a client needs time to think about if she wants to move and wants to see many places, Erin will accommodate.  If a client is living in a hotel and needs to find a placement immediately, Erin can do that as well.  Erin is extremely knowledgeable of the culture and services the Assisted Livings offer and always manages to find a perfect match.  On top of all that, she always communicates well and works collaboratively.  The Elder Protective Service department loves working with 2 Sisters!

Harlee Nason, LCSW

Protective Service Supervisor

HESSCO Elder Services

Very Helpful

My Mother and I had the pleasure of working with Erin as we made the very difficult decision to place my dad in a memory care assisted living facility. This, as you can imagine, was extremely hard for my family, it was an emotional and painful process. Erin was understanding, sympathetic and truly kind in our process. She was not only supportive emotionally but with her time as well. She was always there when we needed her. She often reached out with phone calls and emails as well.

2Sisters Senior Living Advisors was very helpful with supplying us with resources to assist us with anything we needed for my father. Erin directed us to wonderful support systems and was so knowledgeable in what was available. Working in the field of nursing I learned quite a bit from her! And working with the elderly I have often recommended your agency to my patients. Being on the receiving end of your services I will most definitely continue to recommend your agency to anyone who may be in need.

Kathy Burns

We are so very grateful

Steve and I are sitting at the bar at the Cask & Flagon having a celebratory drink (& late lunch) as Bucky is safely moved to his new assisted living! We moved him in earlier this afternoon and he promptly left his apartment for a music program in the large living room! We’ll go back tonight to check in and wish him well! THANK YOU for all of your help and prodding to get us moving! We are so very appreciative for all your time and experience and could not have done this without your help! This being “our first rodeo” we began this journey totally blind to all that lay ahead of us. We needed someone in our corner, someone who shared our concerns for finding the very best care for my elderly father in law and that was Sarah Adams with 2Sisters!  We are so very grateful for ALL that you did to make this work! Thank you, again!

Steve & Peg Donaher

Working with 2Sisters was such a blessing

Working with Erin DiCarlo at 2Sisters Senior Living Advisors was such a blessing. She understood my situation and was so easy to open up to, instantaneously. Right off the bat, she was caring and knowledgeable. I was in a challenging situation trying to keep my parents together and she was able to help me do that. She is honest and helped me go with my gut. She coached me to have the conversation with my parents about making this move and even offered to talk with my parents directly but I didn’t end up needing her to because she did such a good job guiding me. She found the right place for them to go and they have been able to stay together. I have already recommended 2Sisters Senior Living Advisors to a couple of friends and I will be happy to recommend Erin to anyone. Thank you.

Diane Qualters

I truly didn’t know what I was going to do

When my brother introduced me to 2Sisters I said to him ‘We don’t have time to meet with them, I know what we need to do’.  Boy was I wrong!!!  Everyone who has elderly parents should be required to meet with a member of 2Sisters.  It is so emotionally and physically overwhelming to manage, coordinate and implement a care plan for your parents.   With 2Sisters to listen and come up with options allowed us all to step back and breath.  There were many frantic phone calls, emails and many questions.  Michelle (and Erin) were so patient and always got back to me – even when it was late at night or on the weekend.

I tear up as I write this because I truly didn’t know what I was going to do!!

Gina Doherty

True Compassion, Knowledge and Professionalism

“I’m a daughter, sister, and estate planning attorney.

As a daughter, I can say that you made a truly daunting experience understandable and manageable, and you did so with a combination of true compassion, knowledge and professionalism. The outcome of getting my mother so quickly situated from rehab to a wonderful assisted living facility in the same community where she had long resided was more than we could have hoped for.

As a sister, your understanding of our particular family dynamic was immediate and gratefully appreciated; your depth of experience in dealing with so many different circumstances truly shows, and it makes 2Sisters unique.

As an  estate planning attorney, I’d be very remiss in not recognizing the incredible value you can bring to my clients….you provide a  necessary and valuable service, and deliver it with professionalism, efficiency and a lot of heart. “

Judith R. Pike, Esq. Wellesley

I Would Highly Recommend 2Sisters Senior Living Advisors

When my mother was admitted to the hospital for dehydration I realized my growing concerns about her living at home alone were legitimate. I knew a change had to be made. I contacted 2Sisters immediately as I had no idea where to start. When I met Michelle and Alyson I knew at once I had made the right connection. They were reassuring me as they helped me take control of the situation. Alyson came with me to visit two different senior living communities and helped me get all the answers I needed and negotiate the costs involved. She even met with my mother after she was discharged from the hospital to show her the community I liked best.

I was very impressed that following her move, they came to visit and brought a welcome gift! I cannot say enough about their knowledge, kindness, and understanding. 2Sisters Senior Living Advisors reduced the stress of this difficult time and I would highly recommend their services to anyone who needs assistance having to make decisions regarding aging parents.

Evan Freid

We are so grateful…

My mother is doing better that we expected and we believe she is surprising herself with how she has adjusted. She told Stuart after week 1 that she actually doesn’t miss her house as much as she thought she would. She was having increasingly more difficulty being in her house; the stairs, the loneliness, missing her husband. She’s been at the assisted living for four weeks now. She finally started going to the exercise class each day (Muscles in Motion) and of course all of her meals are taken in the dining room. She has been warmly welcomed by her neighbors, there is a tight group of ladies on her floor who all look out for each other. We love knowing she is being well looked after and is now only 15 minutes away from us! We can stop by more frequently for shorter visits and still be home in 15 minutes! I stopped by to see her after Mass on Sunday and stayed with her until “the girls on the floor” knocked on her door for lunch! Thank you for checking back in with us… this has been such a process for all of us and we’re so grateful that places such as her assisted living exist and that people like you and your company care so much. Thank you.

Stuart & Anne Heller

Extremely Knowledgeable

Things quickly spiraled out of control with my aging parents. They were both in the hospital with doctors recommending senior assisted living, and it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. My husband and I each commute 4 hours a day with two kids and another one on the way. Life was completely out of control and we had no idea what to do. My sister found out about 2Sisters Senior Living Advisors and we met with Alyson and Michelle within a couple of days. They were both very knowledgeable about the options available for assisted living communities in Massachusetts and they helped us place my parents in a wonderful new home by the time they got out of the hospital. Now I can finally rest before my new baby is born.

Jennifer Terkelsen

Incredibly Grateful

When the hospital told us that our father needed to find a place to live where he could be supervised and assisted with his daily care, we didn’t know where to begin. Immediately 2Sisters Senior Living Advisors helped by explaining what would be involved in finding him a senior assisted living community. They asked many questions about what would be important to us, and helped narrow the search. They even made arrangements for us to visit a few places at times that fit our work schedules. The hospital originally told us we would have three weeks while our father was in rehabilitation to find a longer term solution. When a few days later the hospital said that rehabilitation was denied and he had to be discharged immediately, 2Sisters didn’t skip a beat. Within 24 hours they had found for us a short-term solution, and helped make the arrangements to move him there immediately. They helped calm and guide us through an incredibly stressful time–and we are incredibly grateful.

Dr. Gabriel Rosenberg Mathematics Faculty Bard High School Early College