2Sisters is a good fit all around.

In helping seniors find the best senior living options that fit their needs and lifestyle preferences, we also help senior care professionals, home care companies, and assisted living, nursing home and memory care communities.

How we help senior care communities in Massachusetts:

1st – We serve as an extension of your sales team, working with you to help interested families learn more about why you may be the best fit, and often touring with them.

2nd – We can be an additional resource for you when you have families who aren’t qualified for your community because of care, budget or location requirements.

3rd – Since we’ve interviewed families comprehensively, we bring you a more interested prospective resident whose needs, preferences and budget match your facility.

How we help senior care professionals:

1st – Our goals are similar and our services dovetail with yours – we are all here to help seniors plan for life transitions, whether legal, medical, or residential. We can serve as an extension of your business, offering a valuable and unique customer service that you may not have the time or experience to do.

2nd – We enable you to concentrate on your core business while the gaining peace of mind that comes from knowing your client is in experienced hands and that our service is available to them at no cost.

3rd – We enhance your reputation in the senior community as a knowledgeable resource.