Blind Spots

I got a call last week from Sharon, a woman whose 87-year-old mother was being discharged from rehab in a few days. She said that while her mom was a little bit forgetful, she was fine living at home with minimal support, despite her advancing Alzheimer’s. Hmm… that didn’t sound right to me. In fact,

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Don’t Wait – Do Your Research Now

Here at 2Sisters, we have been helping families find suitable nursing home care for their loved ones for a long time. We do this kind of thing every day, so we know what to look for and what matters most. For most families, though, evaluating the options and making an informed choice is difficult. First,

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Get Clear on Your Aging Goals

We have conversations with older adults and their families every day. One thing is clear: Nobody wants to be dependent on other people for their care! But, the time may come where assistance is needed and changes have to be made. That’s why it’s important to decide – sooner rather than later – what matters

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How to Choose a Nursing Home

Nobody wants to move into a nursing home. That’s why most older adults who need some care support begin with in-home services. Typically, this involves someone(s) coming to the home to help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) — things like assistance with personal hygiene, meal prep, or light housekeeping. But over time, in-home care

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Giving Up the Car Keys

Our dad has always loved cars. He was a successful businessman who had a lot of hobbies and interests, but cars were his number one. As far back as I can remember, he would pull them into the driveway on the weekend to wash and polish them, inside and out. For him, they were a

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Some Good Advice About Bad Advice

Would you ask for driving directions from someone who has never been to wherever it is you want to go? Or, let’s say you received a serious medical diagnosis. Would you take treatment advice from a stranger you met in a coffee shop? In both of these cases, I’m guessing your answer is probably an

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Balancing Caregiving with a Job

In 2019, Meghan Steinberg’s life literally changed in the blink of an eye. Her husband, Mike, had an unexpected fall that resulted in a traumatic brain injury and that turned her world upside down. At the time, the couple had a three-year-old son and Meghan was just two years into the launch of her business

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What’s In Your Hospital “Go Bag?”

My mom woke up feeling unwell last month. She had been having some difficulty breathing during the night and was still feeling ill in the morning. Unfortunately, she didn’t let my sister Alyson and me know until noon the next day (!), a Saturday. Her regular doctor’s office was closed and she refused to let

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