Elder Care in The Face of Covid-19

It was two years ago this summer that my mom and dad moved into an independent living community. My dad had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s ten years earlier, and while he was (and is) still doing relatively well, they were eager to make the change while they could both still enjoy the advantages and features

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Perception Is Reality

I drive a lot in the course of my work. Our company serves all of Massachusetts and it’s not unusual for me to drive hundreds of miles in a single week. As you can imagine, I am very dependent on my car. But the truth is, I don’t really know a lot about how it

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A Reluctance to Move

My first job after graduate school was in an assisted living community — Sunrise of Boulder in Colorado. It was 2003 and I was hired as the Activity and Volunteer Coordinator. My sister and business partner, Alyson, was a Care Manager in that same community. Throughout our careers since then, Alyson and I have helped

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Caregiving Is Not The Same As Childcare

My daughter, Fiona, turned seven this year. Still, I remember my pregnancy like it was yesterday. Alyson and I had launched 2Sisters the year before and it was a busy time. Fortunately, thanks to Mother Nature (!), I had several months to prepare for my new role as a parent. My husband, Shawn, and I

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Restore Your Relationship

Ed and Phyllis have been married for 55 years. But over the past two or three, as Ed’s Alzheimer’s has progressed, it was getting harder for Phyllis to care for him at home. Ed had always been good with his hands (he had worked as an electrician) and he is a very smart man. But, as

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