Why We Moved Our Own Father Into An Assisted Living

In a previous newsletter, I wrote about how difficult winter can be for older adults: “When snow and ice arrive, simple daily activities such as driving to the store, walking to the mailbox, or even sitting at home should a power outage occur, can suddenly become sources of extreme anxiety.” I ended with a clear

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Make the Holidays Memorable… But NOT Overwhelming

The holidays are nearly here. And regardless of where your loved ones reside — whether at home or in a care setting — these next several weeks are sure to feel different than in years past. Even so, this can still be a memorable and uplifting time — it just requires a bit more thought

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This Winter Will Be Different

Back in March, as the pandemic was beginning to hit, my husband and I took our daughter, Fiona, to the beach one Sunday morning. The roads were deserted and it was still chilly out, but we had a fun time running around and playing in the sand with our dog, all dressed in our winter coats.

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What Matters Most in Choosing an Assisted Living

I speak with the families of older adults every day. Nearly all of them are anxious about choosing the “best” assisted living for their loved ones. I understand. Having moved my own parents, I know that there is no way to fully prepare for a transition like this. For many families, the hardest part of

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Navigating the Senior Living Search Process During COVID

Thursday, March 12th was the last time my daughter went to school. That afternoon, when she hopped off the bus and grabbed my hand, I assumed things would be back to normal in about two weeks. As of this writing, our school system is hoping the kids can start going back in NOVEMBER! Nowhere has

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Guiding Older Adults to Accept Our Help

My friend Erica called yesterday, asking my advice on how to “manage” her parents. Erica’s extended family got together for the 4th of July holiday. It was the first time she had seen her parents in person (both in their mid-eighties) in nearly four months. Something was off. Her mom was leaning to the side

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Webinar: How to Choose a Nursing Home in 2020

Choosing the right nursing home for your family member is a stressful process in the best of times. Michelle Woodbrey and Emily Rogue from 2Sisters Senior Living Advisers present key items to look for in your search for the right fit in the time of COVID-19 lock-downs. In this 35 minute presentation on choosing a

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Choosing Home Care Wisely

My sister, Alyson, and I are experienced, Senior Care Advisors. So we wouldn’t blame you for assuming that all decisions we make on behalf of our parents come easily, one hundred percent of the time. We wouldn’t blame you… but you’d be wrong. That’s because when it comes to home care, the road to finding

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Mommy in the Middle

I began my new career last month as a “home schooling mom” with the best of intentions. On the first weekend after the COVID shutdown of my seven-year-old daughter’s school, and following the guidelines provided by her teacher, I powered up Excel and created a color-coded schedule of what we would be doing each day:

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