The Gift of Help

I’ll be honest — I don’t like asking for help. Alyson and I were brought up to believe that independence is important and that we should learn how to solve problems and get things done for ourselves. So, when we launched our company almost eleven years ago, we bought a couple of laptops, set up

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The Value of a “Winter Stay”

Last year, our client David came to us with a dilemma we often see. His mom, Mary, had always been fiercely independent and shut down the conversation any time David tried to talk to her about making a change. She was resistant to having people in her home but needed help to manage day-to-day. When

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Prepare for Winter Now

I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was mid-August and I was shopping in the supermarket with my daughter, Fiona, when we turned the corner and suddenly found ourselves face-to-face with a HUGEdisplay of Halloween stuff: ghosts, witches, skeletons, candy … the whole thing. Frankly, I found it a bit unnerving. I hadn’t even really begun

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Wait Lists Can Be Your Friend

Last week, we received a call from a client who we wished had gone onto wait lists. This was someone whose father had reached the point where he could no longer live on his own: “We are finally ready to move dad to a memory care community. As you may recall, he is adamant about

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Ask the Right Questions, the Right Way

Now that the world is beginning to open up again (yay!), older adults and their loved ones in search of an assisted living community can once again conduct on-site visits and face-to-face interviews with staff. Virtual visits were surprisingly effective, but nothing compares to seeing firsthand what a community looks like, how caregivers interact with

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What is Safety Awareness?

It was December of 2015, but I remember it like it was yesterday… Our mom was out for the evening and our dad was home alone. He always loved tinkering around the house, and he decided to hang a picture above a credenza in the living room of their condo. Doing so required climbing a

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The Right Kind of Hard

In her newest book, Untamed, author Glennon Doyle, says this: For me: Pretending was the wrong kind of hard. Divorce was the right kind of hard. For me: Drinking was the wrong kind of hard. Sobriety is the right kind of hard. For me: Directness is the right kind of hard. Empathy is the right

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What We Didn’t Know 10 Years Ago

Alyson and I launched 2Sisters Senior Living Advisors in 2011. But it was far from our first experience in elder care — we literally grew up in the industry. Our parents met while working in a nursing home. As far back as I can remember, the two of us spent our days running through the

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Podcast: Help Choose Home

Michelle Woodbrey, CDP, CSA, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of 2Sisters Senior Living Advisors, joins Merrily Orsini on the Help Choose Homepodcast to share practical tips that families can use to develop a successful age in place plan.

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Change Can Happen In An Instant

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we need to be prepared to pivot and respond to any unexpected changes. After all, last year at this time, it would have been inconceivable to imagine a holiday season in which it was unsafe to eat in a restaurant, board an airplane, or hug our friends

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