A family tradition

With both parents working in the industry since 1969, Michelle and Alyson have an extensive pedigree and have grown up steeped in the business. Dad, Mark Tobin, was instrumental in changing the direction of the industry when he launched his own company in the early eighties and brought a hospitality focus to assisted living and nursing homes in Massachusetts. A recognized and respected member of the industry, Mark has served in many capacities to help assisted living and nursing care evolve and raise the bar on quality of life. He has served on the boards of many elder care associations and was President of the Massachusetts Federation of Long Term Care. Mom, Shelly Tobin, was a physical therapist at a nursing home, from whom they learned endless patience and a tireless work ethic. This is where the sisters spent their after-school hours and vacations, and saw first-hand what a difference the human connection can make.

“We can easily put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, because we’ve been there. We feel it’s our responsibility to make a difference in the lives of those we touch – it’s our family inheritance,” they both say. “In a business that’s all about family, we can relate!”