A business model is born

Recognizing the need for this invaluable service was just the first step. In deciding how best to help seniors, they organized the company around one central tenant: the compassionate, human touch. They had found Internet-based referral agencies to be inconvenient for families, often impersonal, and sometimes even inappropriate. They created a more understanding, relationship-based advisory resource for families, and have carefully built a team around them that believes in their approach.

Since then, the company has earned a reputation for integrity and resourcefulness. The team has thoroughly researched the market, and knows what the current and soon-to-be-built options are for assisted and independent living, skilled nursing, home care and memory care. They investigate not only size and availability, but culture, lifestyle and capabilities. Today, families looking for Massachusetts Senior Living communities rely on them to make a complex process simpler, to save them time, and to help them make a truly informed choice.