2Sisters Speak: Surviving the Sandwich Generation- Episode 48

Something’s Gotta Give

Are we all just hurdling ourselves through each day, again and again? When will things slow down and get a little easier? “Stop and smell the roses,” they say but, as sandwiched caregivers, we are moving so fast we don’t even notice any roses.

Being busy is almost a status symbol nowadays. We tend to measure our value based on how productive we can be. We are feeling like we can never relax because there is always more to do. We tell ourselves that things will be easier ‘next week’ because it is too hard to acknowledge that we could feel this way indefinitely.

As middle-aged, sandwiched caregivers, we conscientiously work to change this cycle of productivity in our own lives. We have been doing this with intention for several years now. It is hard and it takes a lot of work. For us though, trying to get everything on our list done is harder.

Three key takeaways from this episode:

  1. The quality of everything suffers when we multitask, and this is a self-perpetuating cycle.
  2. Reimagine how you use your calendar and block off time. We block off time for everything, even meals, so we don’t just squeeze in eating while we are doing something else.
  3. We can accept disappointing someone because we feel in control of priorities.

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Dr. Becky Kennedy, a clinical psychologist, mom of three, and founder of Good Inside A.K.A. the Millennial Parenting Whisperer. https://www.goodinside.com

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