2Sisters Speak: Surviving the Sandwich Generation- Episode 44

Getting Buy-in

How do we get our parents buy-in to move or accept care at home?

As we have discussed in previous episodes, we are firm believers that the way something is said affects the way it is perceived. You have been trying for months or even years to get your dad to agree to accept help at home let alone move into assisted living, so what can you do? Listen in while we talk about what worked with our parents and experiences with our clients over the years.

Three key takeaways from this episode:

  1. Try to find words that will be less likely to trigger feelings for them that detract from our message and our goal. In other words, pointing out a person’s decline in capacity doesn’t usually support actively getting their buy-in.
  2. Plan the conversation ahead of time. Get your research done and be prepared with what the possibilities are (we can help with this). Find a comfortable place for your parents to have these conversations in.
  3. Decide on smaller goals. Perhaps don’t worry about getting buy-in as the first objective. Focus on smaller goals like simply convincing them to consider putting a ‘back-up plan in place’ IF something should happen requiring a change.

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