2Sisters Speak: Surviving the Sandwich Generation- Episode 24

When Only You Will Do

Are you caring for a loved one at home and need some support but your loved one won’t let anyone else provide their care? What can you do when only you will do? Join us this episode as we discuss some strategies for getting a loved one to accept outside support.

Three key takeaways from this episode:

First, get to the bottom of why only you will do. There may be many reasons why your loved one is resistant to outside care providers, some of which may be a tribute to how well you are caring for them. Is it pride? Financial concerns? Fear of change? Get to the heart of their hesitation and work towards overcoming those specific barriers.

Secondly, make a plan to “wade into the water.” Starting off slowly and allowing a caregiver to take over just a few tasks and then increasing once a rapport is developed, has proven tremendously successful.

Finally, finding a good caregiver match (and a back-up or two) can make all the difference. If your loved one refuses outside support, it is possible you may have just not found the right caregiver. This isn’t always easy, and circumstances are always changing which is one of the reasons why working with a trusted agency can be very helpful.

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