2Sisters Speak: Surviving the Sandwich Generation- Episode 20

Should We Share Mom?

Creative solutions are often necessary when creating a plan of care for a parent, especially when someone can no longer live alone. Many families look to share the responsibilities, but is moving your loved one between the homes of siblings a good idea?

A listener wrote to us and asked us to talk about whether it is a good idea to move her mom between the homes of her and her siblings every few months. Her mom is no longer safe and needs someone to live with her. They feel guilty putting the responsibility on only one of them because they don’t live close enough to each other to help.

There are pros and cons to this type of caregiving arrangement. After twelve years of working with families to find caregiving solutions, we have seen what has worked and what hasn’t.

In episode 20, Alyson Powers, Kristine Callahan and Michelle Woodbrey discuss some of the benefits and disadvantages of moving an elderly loved one between the homes of their children.

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