2Sisters Speak: Surviving the Sandwich Generation- Episode 8

Why Won’t My Mom Tell Me She Fell?

How do we parent our parents when they fear intervention? How bad does it have to get?

Joined by Alyson, Emily and Kristine in this episode, Michelle tells us about her daughter waiting to tell her about a cavity until it was a crevASSe the size of the Grand Canyon. Similarly, we see this with our aging loved ones who can minimize situations or withhold information out of fear of change. Join us as we talk through strategy in having these types of hard conversations with our aging loved ones.

Kristine shares her experience with her mom falling and techniques that she used to diffuse her fear.

Approaching Tough Conversations with Aging Parents

  1. Step back & cool down

  2. Re-approach when in a more comfortable space

  3. Divert attention with other things like sorting the mail or a warm cup of tea

  4. Do not express judgement, come from the heart and not the mind

  5. Let them know how you are impacted and come to an understanding for the future

Falls are dangerous for the elderly. Why do falls happen and can falls be prevented? We recommend visiting the Free Falls Check-Up through the National Councils on Aging for an assessment tool.

If you are concerned about a loved one being a risk for falling, have a conversation with their doctor about ordering an in-home safety evaluation.

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