When it Comes to Family Estate Planning, We Can Relate!

At Perfect Placement Solutions, one of the many business relationships we foster is with Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorneys. We can serve as an important asset to your clients during a period of their lives in which they are often unsteady and unsure of their next steps; providing clear, trustworthy advice in an expanding world of senior living options.

We work in conjunction with Elder Law Attorneys to find the best options for families and clients who are preparing for their future. This may include understanding the feasibility and affordability of in home care options as well as when and where to make their next move; weighing independent, assisted living, memory care communities, and skilled nursing options.

In the same way a living will, power of attorney, and other estate planning documents create a sense of security in worst case scenarios, planning for a future where one will live and thrive if he or she cannot live independently is an important step that cannot be undervalued.

When planning a move into an independent living or assisted living community one should always have a compassionate, trustworthy professional guiding them through the search. We provide honest assessments to families starting the exploration of senior living, and make a personal commitment to find the best community for your clients. We start by gaining a clear understanding of a client’s medical, financial, geographical and lifestyle preferences, and match them with communities we have personally visited.

We have thoroughly researched the market and know what the current and soon-to-be built facilities are. We look at the culture, lifestyle and vibe of a residence, including the activities and programs, not just the location and size. We use our experience and instincts to create a custom set of options for every client.

As a free, comprehensive resource, Perfect Placement Solutions is a unique company in Massachusetts. Our fee is paid through contracts we have established with communities and in-home care providers throughout the Commonwealth. However, whether or not a facility pays us has no bearing on whether we recommend them; we are objective. We are committed to providing a custom set of choices for every client based on their individual needs, or needs as a couple.

Perfect Placement Solutions, like most Elder Law Attorneys and Estate Planning Attorneys, believe in the benefits of planning ahead. Understanding senior living options before they are needed greatly minimizes stress. When coupled with Estate Planning, having a solid plan established for the “what if” creates a priceless sense of peace of mind.

With so many lifestyle options now available to seniors, finding the right solution can be a daunting and time consuming task. Perfect Placement Solutions uses our unique combination of expertise and instincts to simplify the process. By framing our in-depth conversations with clients, we develop a comprehensive understanding of their needs, which helps ensure their eventual or immediate move will be successful. We are passionate about finding the best living options for your clients.

Be sure to check this blog for more great information on how we can help your clients. Our next blog will be, “How to Navigate Senior Living Options.”

Call Alyson or Michelle today! We are eager to use our expertise and knowledge of Massachusetts Senior Living to aid your client.

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